Algae PAS Technology


The Photoluminescent Algae System (PAS), developed byZero Discharge, is an innovative light distribution technology to enhance algae growth using thin film fluorescent plastics.  The plastics are compounded, extruded and moulded on a commercial scale. The PAS enables significantly higher algae yields over other algae technolgies, as verified by independent experts.

We have developed a number of innovative methods for algae growth and harvesting incorporating our PAS technology, including:

  • Horizontal photobioreactors operated at the company's pilot plant at the Department of Environment and Primary Industries (DEPI), Ellinbank VIC, where we utilised the technology to enable high-density algae growth in nutrient-rich wastewater of extremely high turbidity
  • Increasing green-stage biomass accumulation of the freshwater micro-algae speciees, Haematococcus pluvialis, at our Algae Nutraceutical Demonstration Plant, Blackburn VIC.

​The customised polymer blend of PAS increases the tensile strength of the material, while reducing capital costs. Our skills in photoluminescent dyes, polymers and related materials are used to produce advanced greenhouse technologies for higher yields of algae, aquatic and terrestrial plants. An advancement in greenhouse technology to be independent of climates and seasons without the use of costly lighting systems.

The dyes used in PAS target valuable antioxidants and compounds produced by certain species of algae that are extremely sensitive to the intensity and colour of light. By delivering particular colours of light to the algae cultures we are able to induce the algae to produce more of the desired products that have nutritional, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical value. Trials conducted at the NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI), Fisheries Department, have shown that the PAS not only increases algae biomass, but also greatly affects the pigments and compounds produced by the algae themselves.

PAS provides greater yields of high-value algae products in a controlled environment at significantly lower cost than traditional closed photobioreactors.

We are currently demonstrating the effectiveness of new PAS versions on a variety of new types of plants, with promising results in tailored growth performance at targeted plant components.


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