Wastewater Treatment

Advanced Algae Bioremediation System

Our Algae Wastewater Treatment Plant (AWWTP) utilises sunlight and local algae species to remove nutrients and other contaminants from wastewater while generating large quantities of electricity. Electricity generation is achieved through anaerobic co-digestion of harvested algae biomass and upstream wastewater streams to produce methane-rich biogas which can be supplied to a generator.

The AWWTP is an emissions-free process. This is a paradigm shift in Australia's wastewater treatment industry - from consuming energy to producing energy - and sets a positive example for the international community.


Algae Enterprises, together with Sustainability Ventures, has technologies applicable to the treatment and re-use of effluent from municipal, industrial and agricultural sources. We have experience partnering with leading companies to adapt these technologies to help them impove sustainability and develop new revenue streams.

Our wastewater treatment systems:

  • Reduce GHG emissions and earn carbon emission credits.
  • Achieve combined energy and nutrient capture on a commercial scale.
  • Appeal to wide and diverse potential markets from municipal WWTP’s to agriculture.
  • Produce multiple revenue streams and reduced OPEX for WWTP’s, which are its key commercial drivers.
  • Achieve a significant reduction in energy usage.
  • Have global appeal, as demonstrated by interest from water authorities.


Video: Algae Wastewater Treatment Plant (AWWTP)

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The application of algae cultivation, to capture and re-use nutrients found in wastewater, can be applied to the treatment of municipal wastewater, dairy effluent, aquaculture, dairy manufacturing waste and other similar high-nutrient waste streams. 

We have achieved exceptional results in the application of algae cultivation to capture and re-use nutrients found in wastewater. In particular, we have demonstrated the use of anaerobic digesters to convert the algae biomass into methane-rich biogas.

Collected biogas can be used to generate electricity with standard natural gas-fired systems. What remains after biogas generation is a nutrient rich fertiliser product that can be used directly on crops, pastures or to generate even more algae. The system benefits include efficiencies in water and energy consumption leading to improved operational costs.

Currently we hold patented designs for improved algae growth in wastewater environments. With this technology, we address the largest downfall in algae technologies today - sunlight delivery and utilisation by the algae biomass to generate more rapidly growing and denser algae cultures. Our improvements aim at drastically reducing the size and operational costs of a commercial system.

System benefits include:

  • Produce renewable energy
  • Reduce load on the WWTP
  • Produce up to Class C1 Bio-solids
  • Produce mineral fertilisers (NPK)
  • Provide recycled nutrients as needed for the algae cultivation system
  • Reduce GHG emissions and earn carbon emissions credits from algae growth
  • Reduce use of grid power


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